• Where can I start searching for a mental health app?

    There is not yet a consensus about how to evaluate mental health apps, but researchers have identified some key domains to look at. These include:

    1) Information Quality
    2) Usability, engagement
    3) Clinical Adequacy
    4) Data Security/ privacy

    Researchers have developed and validated tools to assess key aspects of health apps. These can be helpful, particularly for assessing usability and engagement, but practitioners are encouraged to make their own assessment which might include the above dimensions before using apps clinically.

    The MARS is an Australian innovation which is attracting a great deal of attention in Australia and internationally. Ratings from the MARS support some key portals which list apps, including

    The Toolbox on ReachOut.com recommends mental health and wellbeing apps rated by mental health professionals and young people aged 1325 years.

    The Victorian government has used the MARS and another tool to provide ratings for health apps, including some that address "mental wellbeing"

    If you'd like to find out more about using mental health apps in your practice you can watch our recent webinar on using MH apps in your work here.

    You can also search for apps via:

    MindHealthConnect: Australian Government's portal for e- mental health information and programs. The Commonwealth has commissioned the development of a Digital Gateway which is scheduled to launch in 2017 and will become the main entry point for digital mental health technologies including apps.

    The eMHPrac Central site also lists some apps developed by Australian governments and non-government agencies.

    For more information about evaluating apps for your practice, please see the other Exchange articles here

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