• e-MH programs for children and young people

    Where to start looking for online resources for children and young people?

    MindHealthConnect: Australian Government portal for e-mental health information and programs.

    Beacon Self Help: reviews and rates evidence for online treatment programs, apps and support groups.

    The Toolbox on ReachOut.com recommends mental health and wellbeing apps endorsed by mental health professionals and young people aged under 25 years.

    Crisis and online counselling services - see the eMHPrac Exchange list.

    Online information and peer support

    BITE BACK - promotes wellbeing and resilience in young people - aged 12 - 18 years through psycho-education, positive psychology and related approaches.

    ReachOut - provides practical tools and support to help young people aged under 25 years get through everything from everyday issues to tough times. Includes information on mental health, peer support forums and apps.

    eheadspace - provides online chat, email or phone support with a qualified youth mental health professional for 12 - 25 year olds. Also for parents/carers concerned about a young person.

    Specialist Services

    Butterfly Foundation - provides information, web counselling, email/phone support and referrals for people concerned about eating disorders.

    CanTeen - provides online 'chat' or email (or phone) counselling and forums to help young people affected by cancer. Also for family members.

    Blue Knot Foundation (formerly known as ASCA) - provides information, support (phone counselling), referrals for complex trauma from childhood

    qlife - offers online chat or phone counselling for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI).

    Australia's self-help programs for children and young people:

    The Brave Program - prevention, early intervention and treatment of anxiety. It has child (8 - 12 years), teen (12 - 17 years), and parent components.

    MoodGYM - teaches skills from CBT to help prevent and manage symptoms of depression for people aged 15 years and above.

    OCD?Not Me! program is for people aged 12 - 18 years with OCD. It has eight stages and provides information, tips, activities as well as support for parents and caregivers.

    See here to learn more about self-help online treatment programs including evidence for these types of online treatment programs.

    Australia's therapist-assisted programs for children and young people

    The MindSpot Clinic is the Australian Government’s free clinic. It has in-house therapists who provide assessment and referral. The Mood Mechanic Course is designed to help young adults aged 18 - 25 years learn to manage mild, moderate, or severe symptoms of depression and anxiety. Self-referral or email/online clinician referral.

    See here to learn more about therapist assisted online treatment programs including evidence for these types of online treatment programs.

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