• e-MH for service providers working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

    Programs and services

    A number of programs have been developed with content particularly relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.These programs include:

    MindSpot Clinic:
    Mindspot is therapist-assisted free online clinic that provides assessment, referral and 8-week online CBT courses. The Indigenous Wellbeing Course is designed to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults aged 18 years and over to learn to manage mild, moderate and severe symptoms of depression and anxiety.

    People can access MindSpot directly or can be referred by their health professional.

    Stay Strong App
    The AIMhi Stay Strong App is a structured mental health and substance misuse intervention using Indigenous specific content and imagery and available through iTunes or Google Play .

    The app assists therapists to deliver a structured, evidence based, and culturally appropriate intervention to their Indigenous clients. A free therapist manual is also available. There is a small cost to purchase.

    iBobbly is the world’s first suicide prevention app designed especially for use by Indigenous people on mobile phones or tablet devices. It is currently under trial.

    Training for service providers

    If you would like to find out about training in your area, please contact the eMHPrac teams listed here or email emhprac@qut.edu.au.

    eMHPrac Exchange
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