• Welcome to eMHPrac Exchange!

    Welcome! Welcome!

    Australia has a rich assortment of high quality e-mental health resources. Integrating these resources into existing health systems can empower service users as well as make interventions more effective and efficent.

    We have designed this eMHPrac Exchange Community to be a space for like-minded practitioners to meet and inspire each other to develop new ways of working with e-mental health resources.

    You could use it to:

    • Find information about tools that could make your practice more engaging and effective
    • Find solutions if you are feeling stuck or concerned about e-mental health resources
    • Read about others’ experiences with particular resources and technologies
    • Share information about things that work for you and your practice

    The public areas of eMHPrac Exchange do not require registration – and are designed to provide you with e-mental health information and training resources. We will add new content regularly.

    The members' only discussion area hosts conversations about e-mental health and is open to allied health practitioners, peer support workers, nurses and other practitioners working in primary care settings and working with people with mental health concerns. If you’d like to participate, please register as a member.
    Here are the main subforums in the members only area:

    We hope that you enjoy visiting and come back soon!

    To learn more about e-mental health resources, you might like to view our free webinars or our short CPD videos on e-MH topics.

    The eMHPrac Project is funded by the Australian Government to help practitioners use e-mental health resources in their work. For more information please see here.

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